Game Testers Earnings Paid Out: $
Demand for game testers
Unfortunately, this job can hardly be called stable. Game industry is a cyclical kind of business, which means that have really hard time when having downward trends. Read more »
Finally: salary in numbers
Let’s get down to business and count salaries. The figures that we provide in this article are mainly taken from and Game Developer Magazine’s annual salary survey. Read more »
What your earnings depend on
Like in many other jobs, the more experience you have, the more you are paid. Experienced game testers tend to find and report bugs much faster and with high precision Read more »
Salary comparison
If you are interested in the high-level comparison, you’ll probably be glad to know that video game tester earn from $18,000 up to $55,000 annually (for professional testers). Read more »
Video game tester earnings
Unfortunately, not all the game tester positions are equally profitable. Many companies don’t treat their QA department seriously and pay them rather a humble salary. Read more »
Best game opportunities
There has been developed a system that makes your experience even more exciting. First of all, you are supposed to test only the latest games. Read more »